Best User Feedback System?


I’m looking for a good feedback system to integrate Meteor app: KeplerJs
It will have to be simple and do only its job, it’s okay to be a meteor package or a free 3rd party online service!

On Atmosphere I found only one this:
but it looks like a very old thing and I did not find anything else. :frowning:

what do you use of well tested in your applications?


strange… in the forum archive I did not find anything about this.

what defines a “feedback system”?
form submission?

what problem are you trying to solve? Just a way to solicit customer feedback about your product?

I do not know the right name… But I mean the systems that allow users to report suggestions or issue within the platform itself

This is not a product! Because this is not for sale! this is an open source software.
I was just referring to the use case I needed.

It seems to me that this is not free and it is not an integrable with a Meteor app is free.

Antd uses it on their site:

zendesk is dirt cheap, if you are talking helpdesk.

Or if you mean live chat:

Or if you want feature feedback, canny looks good (but expensive):

At first I saw canny and was like “I could build this in two days”. Then I realized its probably cheaper to give them $100 bucks than it is to spend two days + building it, and then who knows how long maintaining it. But, canny seems like a good thing to run for 2-3 months with your early adopters/core users, and you’ll get much better results/feedback than you would running a survey (and probably costs about the same, $300 total)

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uservoice had a free plan–it’s gone? You just need to add a bit of Javascript to your code–it can absolutely be integrated with Meteor.

you could also use live chat widgets. They usually have a mode to take a message when no agents are around. Some many have a free plan for one agent, or a free plan for non-profits. Chatra was made with Meteor, but any of them can be integrated with Meteor.
Olark, UserLike, Drift,
Could also use Google Docs (Forms)–or better: Typeform

Why not just a simple form, which posts to a collection (or google sheet)?

If you use cloudflare (you should!) you could add this app with one click ftw

You can check - customer feedback management and roadmap planning platform I recently launched.

Here is some features you may like:

  • Customizable statuses for feedback;
  • Markdown everywhere;
  • Ability to vote on behalf of a user;
  • Multiple customizable roadmaps;
  • Tasks prioritization, estimates, and responsible person;
  • Changelog and email notifications from your domain;
  • Slack and Google Analytics integrations.