Best vueJS + meteor option (as of 3/2018)


What would you do if you wanted to create a vue + meteor package today? Would you use the 3rd party vue-meteor implementation? Do people think official vueJS support is imminent?


I think you do not have better option than using meteor-vue project. Maybe it hasn’t official support from Meteor crew (yet, I wish), but it was made by one of Vue organization members, @akryum - for me, it is sufficient recommendation to use it :slight_smile:

Just don’t hesitate to download it and try by yourself :slight_smile:


I think the best option Vue option doesn’t involve Meteor at all. Vue isn’t just a template system, it’s a reactivity system. Vue’s approach is opinionated enough about data that Meteor and Vue don’t really play well together.


This might be a misleading statement.

Vue is client side only while Meteor can be a full-stack, backend or build tool. Vue and Meteor are great match if the integration is treated the way we treat the React integration, using the Vue ecosystem to build the client and use Meteor for the backend. In React, we can use React router, statement management, and we can even use create-react-app to build the client and then integrate with Meteor backend, then how is Vue any different?


What does the concept of “frontend” and “backend” even mean in Meteor where “data everywhere” is a principle of the framework? Is minimongo part of the frontend or the backend? Meteor apps lack any notion of a backend-API like you’d find in other frameworks.

Reactivity is very fundamental to both Vue and Meteor. In Meteor, realtime is the default. All layers, from database to template, update themselves automatically when necessary. Good luck integrating that with Vue which has its own opinionated way of rendering templates, providing reactivity, and managing data. It’s quite possible my understanding of these things is insufficient, but to me, it seems like trying to integrate an internal-combustion engine into your Tesla.


That’s exactly what we have with React.

The font-end is react client code, and the backend is Meteor Methods RPC and data being exchanged over web socket via DDP, there is very clear separation pretty much like any Rest app, you can swap Meteor methods with Rest or GraphQL.

You integrate with Vue the way it integrates with any Rest App, just replace Rest calls with Meteor methods.


Akryum’s meteor-vue project handles Meteor reactivity quite well, at least in my experience. He created the vue-meteor-tracker package for just this purpose.


Akryum’s meteor-vue project handles Meteor reactivity quite well,

Not according to everyone .

’m using Meteor + Vue, and I have to say, it’s been a pretty bumpy ride


I really love official Vue support from MeteorJS. Hope this will be done soon