Best way (framework/css library etc) to create GUI?


Hi Meteor people!

I am building a mobile app using Meteor and was wondering what is the best way to create the GUI. Is it advisable to use libraries like Jquery(mobile), Ionic, bootstrap e.d.?

In the app we need a sidebar and I am looking for the best (re-usable) code to implement this.



After looking at a lot fo frameworks I opted to build it myself, are you using blaze, angular or react? Your choice of UI framework will make a difference to the interface library you choose to put on top of it.

If you’re using blaze you might want to look at foundation or materialize. For angular you’ll definitely want to check out ionic, and then for react I’m unsure, though I know there’s a great framework called reapp, I’m unclear as to it s meteor compatibility.


For React, and if you like the Material-look, check out material-ui

With meteor 1.3 you can use the NPM version:
npm install material-ui