Best way of integrating GEO information

Hey guys,
I just want to ask you, how you manage GEO data in your application, f.e. city names. At the moment, I’m using the jeremy:geocomplete package, which uses the Google Maps API. If a user types in his city name, I’ll receive some geo information about it and save it to the user object, f.e.

{ _id: 'sdsfrtz54232',
 location: {
             lng: 1.234

Problem here is that I get sometimes a “mixed language”, f.e. if a german user types in “Köln”, he get’s “Cologne”. All other citys are listed in german again. In my case, I want the original city names, not their translations - I think that’s the best solution for all users.

So how do you handle GEO data? Is there a better way without the Google API (I’ve switched from PHP to Meteor and used the OpenGEO database before)?