Best way to collect the results of multiple async calls?

I’m familiar with Meteor.async() and the meteorhacks async package. But I could not find a best practice to collect the results of multiple async calls in a sync way. In my use-case, I would like to download a couple of images on server-side in parallel, and continue execution once all these download threads have finished downloading. I remember I read that Promises come in handy here. But I’m not sure if that’s the right direction to look for a solution.

That reminded me of this guys thread Error with deployed app will do the job.

This may be of interest. It uses the deprecated Meteor.http syntax (replace with HTTP), but does show you one way to do this in Meteor.

Thanks guys for your input!

BTW: Do you happen to know if Node.js has a certain limit for the number of parallel HTTP requests on server-side?