Best way to create page view?

hi. what is the best way to create page view ?

plz help

Please provide more details outlining exactly what you’re interested in doing. Your question is very high-level and could be interpreted in a thousand different ways.

i have using iron-router and in the rout /b/:_id/:title i want add count page view .

i create a meteor call and method and use in the onAfterAction in router but when the load this url run multiple times.(40 times).
then using this.ready() in onafteraction but cant solve this multiple run.
i want know other way to count views pages.
sorry for bad ENG.

i’m newbie and want help.
plz show me a way to solved this.

i have search about it but cant find solution :sweat:

and yet this is my problem ,
anybody is here to help me,thanks ?