Best way to debug (client side)?

What’s the most thorough method of debugging client-side? I’d like the ability to mouse over variables and see their contents, set up watches, etc. I’m using WebStorm, if that makes any difference.

I followed the instructions here, but it didn’t work:

Specifically, the code didn’t stop at the breakpoint, and there were certainly no server-side and client-side tabs as described.

I have never been able to get the Webstorm debugger to work with Meteor. However, using it frequently to debug node.js code, i would say it’s not a great loss since it’s very slow.
I debug my browser code with the chrome debugger wich is the best imho.

some tips:

  1. the debugger instruction is a cross browser JS command to stop code execution and cast the default debugger

  2. Mongol is another tool to help you debug meteor

  3. I have been able to setup webstorm, with debugger. The client side console is not interactive as the one in chrome.

What are you using? win or linux? have you installed the chrome extension? have you configured a run profile?

  1. we sure need better debug tools, like a way to find how css properties are generated

May want to look in Kadira Debug, Mongol, JetSetter and Meteor Toys

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Not that you’re biased or anything… :wink:

Kadira Debug is cool, but doesn’t do breakpoints as far as I’m aware. It couldn’t even notify me of a broken route, so I’m not so sure about that one…

Has anyone found a viable solution to step through the code in debugger?
Chrome debugger steps through all of internal libraries like minimongo.js, tracker.js and so on - because blackboxing doesn’t work with source maps -