Best way to do Hot Code Push

Hey guys,

I just released my app that is hosted on Heroku and deployed to the App Store / Play Store.
After reading the documentation, it is still not clear to me how I should proceed with updates to my code.

If I change something (let’s say a font or a button) on my codebase do I just need to git push heroku master and it will automatically update the code on the apps? Or do I also have to do something on Xcode/Android Studio (like building it again)?

And what if I change something on the back-end, like a method or a cordova plugin, how should I proceed?


However you deploy to your meteor server, when you deploy the apps that connect to that server will download the code. There are a couple of conditions though:

  1. You can’t make changes to your mobile config
  2. No new/removed/changed cordova plugins
  3. On IOS you can’t change any file in the public directory (this is a bug waiting to be fixed)
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Got an issue number on this?

Acutally, this one is probably more relevant

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