Best way to do word processing/rich text and PDF generation

I’m building an app that allows a user to build a PDF document that will then be filled in dynamically with data from a particular mongo document and exported. I need a rich text editor to allow editing of a document, and then I need a way to dynamically fill in some type of indicator (e.g. {{name}} or ${name} ) with data, similar to a Blaze/Handlebars/EJS template. I could hack something together, but I figured I’d see if anyone has done something like this before and knows a good way to go about it. I’d appreciate in suggestions you have!

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As far as rich text editing is concerned, you could take a look at babrahams:editable-text, which offers a wysiwyg editing mode, which may be sufficient (it doesn’t appear to support images, though).

Regarding rich-text edition, you can use CKEditor. Just add the following line to your <head> tag and you’re good to go (no need for a package):

<script src="//"></script>

@Steve CKEditor looks interesting, I’ll have to give it a closer look. Thanks for the suggestion!

@robfallows I think I may need something that is a little more feature rich. I have to make something that lawyers will use to create client reports (and lawyers need all the help they can get when it comes to using technology haha)

CKEditor does look interesting. I’ll have to check it out some more.

@ryanswapp You could take a look at this thread (generate a PDF from a template): Which package do you use to generate PDFs in Meteor?

@omphalosskeptic Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out!

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