Best way to have Meteor ignore files?

I’d like to add a git submodule to my project whose files should not be served to the client or really interacted with by my Meteor application in any way (it is a standalone service that writes to the Mongo instance that my Meteor app reads from).

Here are some options for having this submodule ignored by Meteor, afaik:

  • put it in a .submodules directory, since Meteor ignore “hidden” files (SO #1, SO #2)
  • put it in the private directory
  • put my Meteor app itself in a subdirectory of my git root
  • some other way?

I would love to hear what the recommended way of handling this situation is; thanks!

put my Meteor app itself in a subdirectory of my git root

I’d go with this one. My directory structure is like:

  • app/ - Meteor
  • database/ - mongo-migrate & a migrations/ folder
  • deploy/ deployment configuration / scripts
  • local/ local execution scripts / temporary nginx etc.

Hi there,

thanks @nathan_mulr :smile:
What about a doc/ folder for any extra/other documentation ?

I put a README file in each package (or folder) I create, but for extra documentation and to be sure that the project self-hosts its documentation I will add doc/ folder at the projects’s root.

Where are you guys putting your project documentation ?