Best way to host chat app

I decided to host my Meteor Chat App on EC2 free and using mLab Shared Cluster plan 15$.
App will have max 4000 user. But i m in doubt it’s the right way. What’s the best and cheapest way to host this kind of application. Meteor Galaxy is good option but expensive.
The maximum amount I can pay only $30.

AWS EC2 should be more then fine. I’m running my applications there aswell. You might want to take a look at AWS Lightsail. They provide a out of the box EC2 hosting solution which is 5$ per month.

Thanks for your answer. Now i’m going to test app on But i’m not sure how it will cost my app for 1 month. And also i have no idea about which plan is right for me in Amazon Lightsail. If i use there’s no need to use mLab. Can you explain detailed way to host this kind of chat app.