Best way to monitor a .json file for changes and read it on change? Having problems with Assets.getText

I have a project that periodically queries an external API and saves the data to file as JSON. Whenever this file is changed after an API query, I need to use the changed file to update my collection.

Currently, I’m doing a Assets.getText(“data_file.json”) once per minute (it’s a small file) to populate the collection with data from the file. (I’m doing this because the API pull is handled by a python script asynchronously so I don’t know when it will finish.) However, for some reason, after the first Assets.getText, the imported data does not change even if data_file.json does, so my collections get populated with the same data every time.

Using a file watch is a better solution than importing once per minute, but neither will work unless I can figure out why Assets.getText keeps returning the same data.

Anybody know what’s going on here?

Update: changing files in private won’t actually do anything, because that directory is bundled on build. Still looking for a better solution if anyone’s got ideas.