Best way to retrospectively create a user-related collection record AFTER users were created?

  • I have a collection called Onboarding that holds record for each user.
  • for background, the onboarding collection holds booleans for each “onboarding tooltis” that a user has already seen. So when a user sees XYZ tooltip pointing out XYZ feature, I fire off a method to mark that property as true (user has seen), so that they don’t keep seeing that specific onboarding tooltip going forward
  • I will be creating this record at the time a user signs up, but I already have a handful of users in the database right now, and did not add this collection before they signed up

What is the best way to retrospectively create a record for each of these already existing users. Just use a startup script and forEach over each existing user, and create an onboarding record if one does not already exist? Is there a better strategy or would this be acceptable?