Best way to scale up?

What is the best most seamless way to turn an app created in Meteor into a full fledged web app/service with multiple accounts and potentially thousands of users with the DB on multiple nodes? In other words; how do I scale my app created in Meteor to be used on the web as a service? I would really like to hear from people who have actually done something similar if possible but am NOT looking for recommendations for hosting or other logistical nuances. Thanks in advance friends.


What makes you think there is anything special required in order to do that, beyond looking at what Meteor is actually constructed out of and then asking the question of “how to scale this component?” for each of those individual pieces?

Because then the answer is fairly straightforward.
There is nodejs – spawn multiple processes using something like meteorhacks:cluster, add a LB in front.
There is MongoDB – it has its own well-defined setup for clustered operations, though you may want to scale up first up to the beefiest machines that you can easily get before adding too many cluster members since clustered DB operations is a much more involved process than just spawning more stateless processes (like with nodejs) on lots of different machines.

Both of these technologies are fairly well understood and scale well, and the task of scaling is not very specific to Meteor.

Most people asking general questions about scaling are simply a bit unsure about what “scaling Meteor” actually means.
Did that help and/or do you have more specific questions?