Best way to see who is logged into a Meteor app


I’ve developed a CRM using Meteor. This was my first app so I’ve made lots of mistakes. For this reason I did not use the built in authentication methods but I implemented my own OAuth outside of the client.

Now I have ran into an issue where I need to know who is currently on the application. This will eventually lead me into developing a chat client.

Any suggestions on how best to approach this.

Thanks in advance.


I may be a little biased in this department since I created the package, but socialize:user-presence is probably your best bet here. There are quite a few other packages created to solve this, but most of them have their downsides.

Things that make socialize:user-presence superior

  • Scales to multiple servers
  • Doesn’t use a heartbeat to make sure the user is still connected
  • Configureable so as not to lock you into where you store your status info

Also since you are looking to build chat into your application, you might check out socialize:messaging


Hey thanks man. Really appreciate your help. I’ll look into it for sure.