Best way to track my app


in my application we want to send emails to ourselves when is created a new user, a new company, etc.

now what is being done is that at the end of one method send us an email that has nothing to do with the user that call the method.

I currently came up with other ideas to do the same

  • Have a local application that subscribes to the database, but would always have to have it running
  • Use some observers on the server to be responsible to check when a new document and send us an email

What should I do? thanks in advance.


log new user/company whatever to some other collection with date etc and emailed field (false by default).
And than you can browse it later, or send cron daily email ( update posts emailed to true) or so ?


you can better explain your point?
what I want to do is that when a new document I send myself an email without affecting performance


As part of account creation, insert into “Register” collection consisting of user_id, time_added, emailed.
That will be part of account method and should be fast.

Than on server side from which Meteor instance u want, you can observe changes to Register collection
And react however you want to that still close to real time.