Best way to use graphQL

I’m just coming back to meteor from about 3 or 4 years ago. Been working with PHP laravel during that time. The meteor landscape has changed a lot since then. There’s a lot talk of Apollo/graphQL going around. I’m mainly utilizing Vue for frontend and laravel for backend. I’ve looked into headless cms’s like and others like prisma.

Sorry for a the total newbie question but I’m not sure how it all get wired up with graphQL. Do I use VUE front, meteor backend and g-ql for data, or do I skip meteor all together and use front end with direct link to graphQL? Or should I not worry about graphQL at all and build my next app with standard old meteor and blaze?

Not looking for tutorials but more of an explanation on how it all gets wired up and best practice with graphQL, Apollo l, etc.


You can take a look at Vulcan.JS : it’s a framework Meteor + Apollo (server & client) + React. If you want to stick to Vue you can look at how we plug Apollo server on Meteor, and then add the part about Vue.
github (have a look at the apollo2 branch for the implementation of Apollo server 2)
slack (you can ask me your questions here)

Here is a tutorial about starting to use GraphQL/Apollo in Meteor using the official packages:

Another great integration (and probably more advanced) is integration from @diaconutheodor:

Hi @diaconutheodor

I’ve been reading about your Apollo Meteor starter kit. It looks pretty sweet!

I’m a self-taught dev and still a bit of noob. I’ve have a pretty good understanding of Meteor, however, I understand very little when it comes to connecting and using Apollo.

I was wondering if you might have a basic working example you could share, that might show project scaffolding. When I’m learning I like to reverse engineer things. I’m looking to see your project with apollo-react, meteor, mongodb and accounts. I’d really like to pull that apart.

Anyway, let me know if you have anything you might be able to share. Thanks again.