Beta launch of SherLock

Hi all,
With help from this forum, I now have a beta launch for my Expense Tracking App. I’m calling it SherLock :laughing:

For Android app -

For browser -

If anyone wants to help me find bugs/security issues or give feedback, please feel free to connect with me!

Big thanks to all those who replied to my many queries here! :pray:
Without prompt replies, I could not have done this successfully.
Kind regards.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing @digisarathi :raised_hands:

Your home url is . I feel there are some extras in the url of no particular use.

The JS bundle size is big. For those 1.2MB compressed you should be having a massive UX but in that case you would employ dynamic imports and still have a much faster first paint. I am in Dubai, UAE “close” to you and it took 7 seconds to get the first paint.

Your images are not optimized. They are up to 8x larger than the displayed size. If you are a Mac user, there is a free app imageOptim that compresses images fast. You would still need to size them closer to what you display. I think your images are in your public folder which adds 90KB to your bundle.

For some reasons I cannot run the page insight on the home url ( which suggests that you don’t use prerendering or SSR.

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Paul, thanks so much! :sob:

I’ll schedule the points you mentioned for the coming weeks. And I’ll have to learn how SSR is to be done.

Meanwhile I’ll put out an Android app on Play Store so at least for those users it’s a one-time inefficiency that they will bear :see_no_evil:

I’ve so far got ten users! And people are liking the UX and calling it practical, minimalist, etc … :relaxed:

I don’t have bandwidth to learn n try selenium etc and wondering blindly when (or rather how many users will) my 1 tiny container in Essentials plan get overloaded… memory is already (& always) 44-45% while CPU remains less than 1% (2 connections) …

I’m having so much fun! Thanks to meteorjs, Vuejs and this forum! :pray:

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Ok, 2 things you can do at this point is:

  1. Service worker on Chrome - #3 by davideonmeteor
  2. Simple guide for optimising your Meteor app with Cloudflare (Cache, TTFB, Firewall, etc)

1st will help existing users with getting the bundle files from a browser cache and the second will help all your users and you. Users get the bundle a lot faster, especially if you use a CDN in your city or region and your server doesn’t need to server bundles which = less load.

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