Big ipa using Meteor 1.3


I’ve recently built a new Meteor project using, and noticed that my iOS ipa file is much larger than with previous versions: about 45 MB compared to previous sizes < 5 MB.

Digging through the ipa indicates that the bulk of this is coming from swift libraries, which seems to indicate that what I’m seeing is swift bloat. The only other size change I’ve noticed is that I have lots of unminified javascript files in www/application/packages, but that’s small beans compared to the swift size.

APK files are still small.

So I assume what’s happened is that parts of 1.3 are using swift, which makes the swift libraries necessary, which results in the bloat. And the only way around this would be to revert to Meteor 1.2. But I could of course be wrong.

Can anybody else confirm/deny?


Hi @mrlowe would be great if you share how to create IPA file with Meteor Cordova. I have no luck finding this information for Meteor specific case.


I think this should be addressed as an issue



First of all, you’ll want to open the xcode project that meteor generates (for an example, look at what happens when you do meteor run ios-device, which is described here:

Then in xcode, you need to Archive the project and Export the ipa or submit it to the store. More info on that here: