Big issues with logging into Meteor Forums


I think i used to sign into meteor forums using gmail - but that login facility seems to have been removed

I tried signing in with my email address and using forgotten password - but I just got the response that my email address was not registered.

My username is “andyl”, and I have quite a few posts in the forum - I have had to create another account, wiith a second email address to ask this question on here. There was no email or contact form to report issues with the login to the forum.

Even creating a new account was problematic - when I clicked on the emailed activation link and then the activation button - i received a blank screen wiith the following message : [“BAD CSRF”].

I have cleared all cookies, temp files, file storage , and using incognito.


Hmm - that’s probably something to report to the @discourse team.


Have found their website and emailing them now - thanks


They’ll have been pinged when I referenced their handle.



We received the report and located a bug in the custom Oauth plugin. We’ve
pushed an update that should resolve this.


Wow that was fast! :open_mouth: