Billy The Social Wallet, so proud of my first Meteor App!


Ladies and gentleman,

i’m so happy to announce my first meteor app!

I started to learn the Javascript ecosystem in Jan 2014 and last November i fell in love with Meteor.

I began to play with the framework trying to develop an idea i had for a long time and quickly it became reality.

Now i put all the pieces together and had the chance to use the app in different cases getting a lot of good feedback s from my friends… ok, let’s talk about Billy!

Billy The Social Wallet is a manager for group expenses and it becomes very handy in many situations in which you and other people share common expenses… it handles a lot of corner cases like subgroup expenses or cash advances… you can get the whole picture in the web site i’ve built as landing page, from there you can access to the meteor app.

There are tons of improvements that can be done but i decided to put all online to get some feedbacks before going further ( does it really exist the day when you say ‘my app is production ready!’ ?!?!? )

Well, this is my first ‘promotional’ announce, i wanted to post it here to thanks all the people who helped me in these months…thank you a lot guys!

Production Meteor apps

Great concept! What frameworks did you use for the design? Were you able to keep a single codebase for both the mobile and web versions?


Cool stuff man, you only started in November learning Meteor?! You give me hope, I only started a week ago :slight_smile: Truth is, if you want stuff done, the learning curve is much faster than other stuff, like MEAN for example. The community here is really helpful. Good luck! I’ll play with your app, even though I’d rather not share my expenses with tha wife :smile:
BTW, such a very small bug, but the favicon seems not to be working. Let the be the hardest bug you’ll need to fix!


Thank you!

For the design i mixed + (unfortunatly there is no meteor package for the mobile version)

Actually keeping a single codebase has not been an issue untill now.
In these days i’m working on the mobile features (like whatsapp invitations, camera pics for attachments) and things go smoohtly.


Hey @vicusbass,

yes, started in november with nearly 1 year in javascript programming, coached by two experienced friends of mine. They gave me an HUGE boost in JS learning and i had the opportunity to start alone Meteor.
Without them this could have not been possibile.

Thanks for the feedback on the fav…i’ll fix it :slight_smile:


Bootstrap AND Foundation?? This is nuts :slight_smile: You are definetely a CSS/LESS/SASS master :wink:


Not really, a CSS/LESS/SASS mess-er indeed. :slight_smile:


hey awesome idea and implementation.



Billy is now available on Google Play!!!

I had little chance to test on different devices so please give it a spin a let me know how it behaves on your mobile, thank you!


You have to write several tutorials! (((-: