Biometric type libraries

Hey just joined meteor, and learning the stuff. Was wondering are there any interesting biometric apis or library i could check out. I’m doing a wearable project and i’m making an app

Fitbit is where most of the activity has been at.

IHealthLabs is built on Meteor, which is a competitor of FitBit and Withings. They’ve mentioned releasing an API and/or libraries for Meteor. So that’s in the works.

And we’re also working on HL7 FHIR interface, to get biometrics from hospitals and EMRs.

thanks are there any other libraries/Api i could check out other than Fitbit

Yeah, for sure. You want to check out

About two or three years ago, I did a survey there of JSON compatible APIs, and came up with the following short list.


CarePass has pretty much been a flop since then, but mHealth seems to be going strong, and we have at least one physician on the forums asking about the shimmer library.

So, I’d recommend mHealth and/or doing some research on the