Blank page error with latest version (ios WKWebView)


With the latest versions of Meteor & Cordova, I met a bug that seems related to WKWebView on iOS : It may happens that the screen turns to white (Everything seems to be loaded when I look at the web inspector though). Most of the time it happens when the webview has much things to process (code reload from server, or many JSON strings to parse in my case), but it is quite random, and I found no way to fix it for now.

Is there any way to fix this bug, or maybe to rollback to UIWebView?

Thank you.

Which mobile UI framework are you using in the app?

I’m just using bootstrap (and fontcustom, if it counts as a framework).
For the packages, I’m using iron:router, and also some cordova plugins :
(and a custom plugin stored locally, which is responsible for settings storage and facebook API).
Everything was working well before the update which introduced WKWebView.

Are you sure this has to do with WKWebView? Many other things have changed in the Cordova updates, so there are other reasons something that worked previously may now have stopped working (subtle timing differences for example, or differences in the way certain plugins work).

What does the DOM look like in the Safari web inspector when this occurs?

Any chance you can more reliably reproduce this, by tracking it down to a specific code path or event?

Well, I thought I was at the latest version, but I was not…
For now, I could not reproduce this bug, so it seems to have been fixed with the last updates. I’ll update this thread if I see it again, with more details.
Thank you for your help anyway! :smiley: