Blank screen issue in apk


I’m not sure all these errors is the cause of your problem. But if I were you, I’ll get rid of the error by Google out the solution to fix those error. Then try again for better debug.


OK,As I come across with this debugging by connecting device to local server,I didn’t find any issue.But now,I want to debug the app on device by connecting to cloud server address.Is it possible?or any other way would be appreciated…


I’m not sure I totally understand what you mean, do you mean:

  1. build app with --debug app that point to cloud server.
  2. install the app on device
  3. debug the installed app

If the above are true, then you can debug the same way using Chrome Dev Tools.

The debug tools can detect the device with the app launched.


had the same issue with mine. was ok on desktop, blank on phone. my friend told me it could be due to multiple problems. have you found what’s yours?
update: i found mine. thankfully i was on best post cycle therapy supplements and they really improved my focus. found the problem.


what was your problem?Did you clear that issue?


I saw below code snippet in some document,Can you explain what each field refers to?
$.Finger = {
pressDuration: 2000,
doubvarapInterval: 300,
flickDuration: 150,
motionThreshold: 5


Hi,now I cleared that blanking screen issue whenever I open the app,it was occuring.But now only once when I install the app,it is occuring.In the above comment you have said it’s not a bug,but except meteor app if you see any other app,this issue you won’t see right?In the same way I need in meteor app too.Please get me some idea.


I gave the below command " meteor run android-device --settings settings.json" to debug my app on chrome developer tool to use cloud server address.But it is not connecting to server and mongodb running on mlab.


If you do not want the moment flash, you can try disable Hotcode Push. I never try that before cause I love Hotcode Push.


what is that moment flash?I havn’t added it till now.


I solved this issue by adding meteor add mdg:reload-on-resume package to my project.
Thanks a lot @lesliechw and @mosiout1 .


Glad that you had it solved. Have a good day.


Thank you to spent time to discuss this issue.