Blank screen issue in apk

When I open the meteor app from mobile ,the screen goes for a second and comes back.But this happens only on mobile,not on browser.

Usually when new mobile app launched and connected to the server, it will sync once and should not happen again without you deploy any new update.

Now what can I do,if it shouldn’t happen on mobile?

If it happens once means,it’s a bug right?

when I open the app,login page appears,after that for 1 to 2 seconds screen goes off and then again login page comes.This is my exact question

Everytime? Mean everytime you launch the app, the same thing happen, If yes, then I can’t help, it’s not suppose to be. But if just happen once, and wont happen again when you launch the same app without new deployment, then it’s normal, not bug.

OK,but for the first time when I launch it, takes 1-2 seconds,but without new installation and new deployment to the server,if I open the app,screen goes within a fraction of second and comes back…

but this thing was not occuring in the begining of devloping an app,As I started including more code into app,this problem is occuring.I guess I have to add some package or remove some package to eliminate this issue .

Check the appcache package. It will download the updated build in the background. It is the downloading of the new build that is taking awhile

Nothing is worked for me…I have just created the small login project,I havn’t included anything in server except some browser allowance in server.And below are the packages which I have added to it:


The meteor version is

Then,whom should I contact to solve this problem?

When you try debug on device, do you see anything wrong in console or element change?

To debug an app on device,I have to give local server address ,right?and It’s not possible with cloud server?.To debug the app I used the command “meteor run android-device --port 3000”.

Correct, I did the same and you can use Chrome developer tools to debug on device.

If you expect to run it on port 3000, you don’t need the --port 3000

how to debug it using chrome developer tools?I never did it before.

yeah I know,but issue is happening when you build the app using command “meteor build–debug …/apk” and when you install it on mobile and tried to open it.

OK,thank you and I will paste the console logs here,once I complete this action.