Blank site when I use "meteor deploy"


So I’m new to all things Meteor and currently working my way through this tutorial for angular-meteor Currently I’m at this part where I should test my app by deploying it to by using “meteor deploy”, abtestsite3 being the random name I picked.

While the project runs fine locally and it seems to deploy fine, I got back “Deploying to” and “Now serving at”, but when I go to abtestsite3 the site is blank.

So is there any common reasons it would work locally, but then just be blank once deployed to meteor? Something maybe that I’m missing or need to change?


Check this : App not working once deployed to, fine on localhost

Thanks for the reply, although not sure why, but now going back to my site today in Firefox with Firebug I am getting a few errors, all having to do with Angular 2, mainly “EXCEPTION: No provider for t! (t -> t)” and
<ng-content> element cannot have content. <ng-content> must be immediately followed by </ng-content>

I wasn’t getting these before and no idea why they are only showing up now and not yesterday, when I looked at the site, I haven’t redeployed my app or anything. I know today I had to wait for the app to start back up, where yesterday it was running once I got there, so maybe that has something to do with it.

So i will need to look into this, either something I missed or did wrong from the tutorial. Or maybe something related to both Angular 2 and meteor-angular 2 both being in beta.