Blank source .coffee files in Chrome Developer Tools after update to 1.4.2

Running Meteor on Ubuntu 16.04. Before the update, the source view in Chrome Developer Tools display all .coffee files properly. After updating to version, I can see all .scss, and .js ok, but the .coffee files show only blank screen. I was able to see the console.log outputs, but clicking on their links will just open blank .coffee files.

I suspect that the source map for compiled .coffee files are causing this issue, or am I missing some steps in upgrading to this version?

I am seeing this issue as well. I haven’t filed a GitHub issue yet because I wasn’t able to reproduce this on an empty project. On the plus side it has given me motivation to convert more of my code over to ES6 :wink:

it’s a bad idea, because we have a big project.

Agree. It’s not feasible to convert an entire project written in coffeescript to ES6. Since nobody has came up with a solution to this issue, so I’m stuck at using older Meteor version. I’ve opened issue

Thanks. It seems a fix is submitted. How do I know when I can get a new version?

To fix this issue, pick up latest coffeescript package version by upgrading to Meteor version