Blank source .js file in Chrome Developer Tools with "meteor debug"

Running Meteor on Ubuntu 14.04. I’m executing the following commands:

meteor create app1
cd app1
meteor debug

I then open Chromium and connect to http://localhost:8080/debug?port=5858, I can see the main.js file loaded in the main view and I can step through the code in this file, however when I open the sources tab, navigate to the app1/app.js file (under the no domain node), double click on it, the file opens in the source code view but the file is always blank.

I’ve even added a break point via the javascript debugger command to the app.js file (in the Server side code startup block) to halt execution but it never reaches the code. Instead the debugger halts in the boot.js file on line 212 (on the the hook command).

Am I missing something obvious here? A bit new to meteor so apologies if there is an easy solution.

I think the server files are added one-by-one, so you need to press “play” first to see the files, just like the instructions in main.js say.

I had the exact same problem. The only way to get the content of the code files to show up was to place a debugger statement in one of them. Once the debugger broke on that line, all the files I opened showed their content. I know the comment in the main.js file says to use debugger statements, but at the same time I thought the point of using Node Inspector was that you could set breakpoints graphically. Evidently, you cannot set the first one graphically.