Blanket Coffee: An open source open blog with goodies and souvenirs for the writers


We are happy to announce Blanket Coffee, An open source open blog with goodies and souvenirs for the writers. It is Blaze-fast, and is made using Materialize CSS.

It has got a sleek design, which, when collaborated with Meteor, provides the mose amazin experecince of writing ever. You hit enter, and the post flies.

Open Blog explained: The sole reason this was made was to reduce the gap between post from authors who are famaous, and awesome, and those who were awesome at writing but weren’t famous yet. Open blog means, we can write together, on the same feeging blog.

Goodies and Souvenirs: Good posts are not only rewarded by companies and magazines reading your post, we reward you too. Check it out in FAQ section.

Here’s a screenshot of the editor:

It supports Markdown.

It is open-source, and commenting the source code is on our to-do list, but if you want to check it our right now, here’s the github repo: Blanket Coffee.

PR in the development branch only. No PR to the master branch will be accepted.

Let’s build a blog, which is not known by a coding, or a philosophical blog. Let’s create a place where there can be code, phlosophy, painting, and art. Plus, Rewards.