Blaze 2.6.1 released 🎉

A patch version of Blaze numbered 2.6.1 has been released fixing some issues like:

  • #370 templating-runtime@1.6.1, returned the Template.__define__ with warning message
  • #366 Prevent firing callbacks until members are destroyed
    • fix destroying child templates when parent is destroyed; prevents memory leak and DOMRange “not attached” error
  • #374 Blaze.remove should destroy view before detaching
  • #376 Modify ‘Must be attached’ error to be more descriptive
  • #377 Add tests for Blaze.remove should destroy view before detaching
  • #382 Linters were added
  • #348 For-in loop does not work in IE fix
  • #349 fix regression: non array iterables were always treatead as empty
  • #341 add support for arbitrary iterables in #each templates

Many thanks to @denyhs @jkuester @harry97, and everyone else who tested & contributed, for making this release happen! :tada::heart::birthday:

So what is next?

There are a few small tasks for Blaze 2.6.2, that you can check in the milestone. Anything that can’t wait till Blaze 3.0 will be included in this patch release (or any other patch release until 3.0 is released).

Development on Blaze 3.0 has also started. Since this will be a major release it will include any potentially breaking PRs among anything else major. Check out the milestone to see what we are planning to do.

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Great work Jan² & co :clap: . So good to see our beloved :fire: Blaze :fire: get some :heart:. Excited to see what 3 will bring.


Long live Blaze! Still love that frontend framework.


Haven’t used it for a while now, but happy to see it’s still alive! I was a huge fan of Blaze back in those days, and I still think it’s the easiest way to build a web app fast, especially if you have a frontend dev background.


Nice. Glad to see Blaze getting some support!

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