Blaze and AngularJS Coexistance

I want to know if Angular and Blaze can coexist. This is because from the Angular-Meteor site, it is stated that “we need to remove the default UI package of Meteor, called Blaze.”

Also from this site:, is also stated that we don’t have to choose one solution, we can use both Blaze and AngularJS.

I don’t want to mess up my Meteor installation. Can i just simply add the angular package. I want to use Angular without necessarily removing Blaze.

Have you read @Urigo blog about 1.2.0 released, maybe that blog will help you.

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If you’re using Meteor 1.3, I forked angular-blaze-template main JS file to make it work properly on 1.3. Waiting for @Urigo or someone to just take the code and make it into an npm package.