Blaze and React

Can you relate Blaze to React, I mean are they similar

They are quite different. Here’s a comparison:

My recommendation: If you’re quite new to web development, use Blaze, as it is much easier to understand. But if you’re experienced, go with React. This is the going-forward solution. You will find tutorials for both UI layers here:


What you talking about?

I meant main difference in functionalities

I thought that was already answered by the links I posted :slight_smile: I would say, the biggest differences are performance (which you will only feel if your components are quite complex) and community (React has a way larger traction than Blaze). Plus, React supports true native mobile apps. Otherwise, I would say that you can build everything in both technologies. But be aware that Blaze code tends to lead to more “spaghetti code” over time, since it doesn’t encourage componentization as React does. But there are Blaze extensions that support this as well.


React vs. Blaze

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