Blaze component system


For structuring my first app, I am evaluating if it is worth it using Blaze Components.

OK, my understanding is that maybe it is easier to store local variables within a template.

But about inheritance for building up on reusing components,
I feel templates (along with their helpers and event handlers) encaspsulating other templates is already doing this.

I am also concerned about if one technique is generating instances in RAM of the whole thing (even Helpers’ and Events’ function code). But maybe normal templates are also doing this anyway. because, if I have a grid of many cells, it would grow RAM usage!

So, bottom of the line, beside being able to build “lego minded” component hirearchy (which I think templates already do), is it really a “Ya, it is a better solution than just templates with helpers and event handlers”?


I personally am not a fan of component inheritance, but I think the syntax for writing helpers and component state is really great. Also, I like the mixin system.

generating instances in RAM of the whole thing

I think if you run into this as a performance boundary, it’s probably something you shouldn’t be doing; if you have 10000 items and want to display them in a grid, you definitely should not render them all at once - nothing will make that fast.