Blaze doesn't update in correct sorting order until refresh

So I have a subscription to “Posts” and I’m retrieving the array using

I input information into the Collection using this method

new_post: function(text) {
    if (! this.userId) {
     throw new Meteor.Error('not-authorized');
      createdAt: new Date()

and calling it like so:"new_post", text);

I’m using {{#each Posts}}{{>post}}{{/each}} spacebars to load it in.

Should work all fine and dandy right? Upon creating a post, it inserts the value into the collection and it renders in the browser… but in the wrong order… Then when I refresh the browser it orders it correctly. What the heck? Is this a bug or do I need to force it to re-render the whole thing somehow?


I have absolutely no idea why but it’s fixed itself… I haven’t modified my code at all… Uh, I guess close this?