Blaze "focusing out" of HTML input automatically


I have a strange bug that I believe may be caused from Blaze.

I have an HTML table where each tr corresponds to Reactive Documents from a Subscription. The trs are in an {{each}} Template helper.

Each tr has HTML inputs for columns. Where each column represents a property in the document. There’s a feature where editing an Input and leaving the field (so using jQuery blur event), will update the full document .

The blur event is captured by a template event. I’m noticing however, that I can leave field1 and click into field2. This should just trigger blur on field1. However - sometimes a consecutive blur is triggered on field2.

I commented out the actual Update code on the Server and verified that this prevents the bug. So this led me to believe that the weirdness is happening somewhere in the Reactivity.

Any insights? Or - how could I debug further into Blaze itself? I want to basically see how this false positive of blur on field2 was called - i.e. it’d be great to get stacktrace of where the blur event got triggered and then work backwards. Thanks!

Do your rows all have unique _id? If not blaze may be rerendering the elements. A good check here is to put a Dom breakpoint on the element in question that will pause the script when the element is removed. You can use this to check if the element is being rereendered.

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Yes, they all have unique _ids . I will try that. Thanks!