Blaze guide prevent re-rendering explaination


Can someone explain the two comments in this example from the blaze guide

I’m having a hard time preventing re-rendering, namely just passing {{> nestedTpl id=this._id}} leads to a full re-render if this changes (although this._id i the same). so i was hoping i’m missing some trick in this post :S

  listArgs(listId) {
    const instance = Template.instance();
    return {
      todosReady: instance.subscriptionsReady(),
      // We pass `list` (which contains the full list, with all fields, as a function
      // because we want to control reactivity. When you check a todo item, the
      // `list.incompleteCount` changes. If we didn't do this the entire list would
      // re-render whenever you checked an item. By isolating the reactiviy on the list
      // to the area that cares about it, we stop it from happening.
      list() {
        return Lists.findOne(listId);
      // By finding the list with only the `_id` field set, we don't create a dependency on the
      // `list.incompleteCount`, and avoid re-rendering the todos when it changes
      todos: Lists.findOne(listId, {fields: {_id: true}}).todos()