Blaze/Handlebars vs Edge

I’m cross-posting this here for a broader reach. Please let me know what you guys think.

Hello, as I was going through the JS world on the internet I stumbled upon Adonis. It uses Edge as its view layer. Edge one-ups Blaze/Handlebars in the ability to run JS directly in your view and upon further inspection it supports async/await using let:

It’s a really promising library offering an enhanced version of Blaze/Handlerbars. Is there a way for us to utilize it or piggy-back off it instead of re-inventing the wheel? If we can find a backwards-compatible to integrate it into Meteor, it’d be a huge win since the Blaze community is small and would benefit a lot from having a well maintained library with a huge following.

Really interested to know your thoughts guys
cc @StorytellerCZ @jankapunkt @DanielDornhardt