Blaze outside of Meteor


This is not exactly a meteor announcement…

A little while ago I had the desire to use blaze in a fairly simple express app that served dynamic content from mongo, but didn’t need reactivity, so I didnt want to use meteor. Much to my sadness, I couldn’t find a blaze implementation in npm, so I set about my building my own (If someone knows of a working implementation, do let me know).

The project is available here: and consists of several npm packages, and a POC meteor package to show that it does indeed work. It also includes trivial reference projects for webpack and express.

All the tests included in the meteor/blaze repo (in packages) pass.
I’ve tested it with webpack, express and in meteor and found that it works quite nicely, though I don’t think I’ve covered all the functionality yet.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to rely on some NPM packages that extract meteor functionality, which are several years out of date - I’m open to suggestions to improving this.

Let me know what you think.