Blaze routing solutions

I am upgrading a Meteor 0.7.1 app to the current version of Meteor. The app uses iron-router and I would like to replace it however FlowRouter not appearing to have a current maintainer makes me hesitant to move to it. Is there a maintained fork of FlowRouter or another alternative available? How are devs in the Meteor community who are committed to Blaze handling this?


That is an interesting package but not really what I am looking for. It seems to be extending FlowRouter with iron-router capabilities. I don’t want to do any data subscriptions in the router I am moving them down into the templates.

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Nothing requires you to use these extended features. I don’t use them. The fork is being maintained by very smart folks.

I guess I just hoping to be pointed to a repo where someone had committed to keeping FlowRouter up to date with Meteor. I guess that was just wishful thinking. It’s getting harder and harder to justify using Meteor for new projects when developer’s who are invested in the Blaze stack are being left in the cold.