Blaze to React: A True Story

In early 2017, I decided to convert one of my client’s applications from Blaze to React. This is the story of that conversion effort:

If you are a Meteor developer, this post will likely be interesting to you, particularly if you are considering moving to React. For ordinary folks, I’ve done my best to minimize technobabble.

As a byproduct of the conversion process, I created a reusable framework called VXFrame. I’m looking for opportunities to use VXFrame to develop new React systems or to expedite the migration of existing systems from Blaze to React.


Very well written article, thanks for sharing.

And now the million dollar question, is VXFrame open source? :slight_smile:

Thanks @sotarules, well-written and informative. You mention you went at it hard-core. In highsight, do you still recommend that or using Blaze and React side-by-side until you are out of the woods?

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@alawi, I’m struggling with that idea of making this open source. I have it all set up on GitHub right now as a separate project with MIT license but let me discuss the idea with some other folks.

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@ramez The react-template-helper is fine, I don’t see anything wrong with this approach, and it may actually be the best way. This way you always keep Blaze and it handles top-level layouts, but then you can have components below that, all React. If you are trying to use BlazeLayout and ReactLayout together, you could do it, but I’d want to test the hell out of it first.