Blaze Tutorial Step 5 does not work?



I am a newbie to Meteor. I am following along in the tutorial for Meteor Blaze. I do fine up until the 5th step. I add everything exactly the same as they ask. All of the files are in the correct folder. I have compared what I have on my screen with what Meteor provides on the github as well. It all matches. However, when I attempt step 5.3 I receive an error in my console,

Error: There are multiple templates named ‘task’. Each template needs a unique name.

The header displays but none of the tasks

If i remove
import ‘./task.js’;

from the body.js file the header reappears, but nothing else there are no boxes for checking off or deleting anything. like what the goal of this step is mean to be.

What am I missing? Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your patience!


From step 5:

Let’s work on our task template—starting by moving it to it’s own file

Did you remove the tasks template from the original file (imports/ui/body.html)?