Blaze UI component library

Hello All,

Is there any powerful and simple UI widget library for Meteor Blaze?


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I wrote one for Bootstrap 4 but a few components are missing:


Thank you. Will take a look.

Try the Material for Meteor library and see if it meets your curent needs.


hi @dgtlife nice! how do i install this pls

Thanks @raskal! Since it’s not in the package repo, you will need to install it manually into your app’s packages folder and run meteor add dgtlife:material.

The repo is here on GitHub. If you’re comfortable with git you can put it in your packages directory as a submodule. If that sounds scary, then just download/clone the repo to a convenient place and copy the non-git files into a folder named dgtlife:material, and place that in your app’s packages folder. Then, run the meteor add dgtlife:material command.

I’m glad you think it’s nice. Apart from the MFM site, is another app/site that I built with it. I just put it back on the net after a long layoff. I just upgraded from Meteor 1.5.1 to 2.1. It’s not ready for prime time as some things are still broken, but you can poke around in there and see the package in action.


Thanks @dgtlife! I hope you can make a regular meteor package out of it soon as I will be very happy to try it out.

I’ll look into that. :wink:

OK, it’s been published as dgtlife:material. Have fun!

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