Blockchain/IPFS Use Cases?

Hi there,
Have there been any discussion around blockchain and IPFS usecases with Apollo? As a database proxy server, how does it deal with swarm technologies like IPFS and Bittorrent? Or with distributed blockchain ledgers?

Thanks for any thoughts.


I’ve also been fairly interested in doing something with IPFS and Meteor, but I’m also not really sure what that should be. The easiest way to explain IPFS is as the FS (file system) that it is. So any technology that wants to make use of it needs to write and read files on that file system.

We’ve been looking at using IPFS as a peer-to-peer network for health information exchanges (HIEs). Not for the patient’s protected health information; but for configuration files and things like provider directories, lists of hospitals and medicare/medicaid, current billing/charge fees, lists of insurers in each state, diagnostic ontologies, etc.

I think the trick with IPFS is to find good peer-to-peer use cases. Once that’s done, IPFS+Meteor is like peanut butter and jelly, as far as architecture goes. Isomorphic peer-to-peer code. It’s perfect for a mesh network.

One would think there are some SpaceX style applications as well. Kerbal space program add on, maybe?