Blockrazor - Absolutely ALL information about EVERY blockchain project in a comparison tool that ANYONE can understand


Blockrazor is an open source project with the intent of eventually being something that people can use to compare every single blockchain project in existence (accurate up-to-the-minute) and easily cut through the crap (since there are some really cool things happening but also a heap of scams).

It’s at seriously pre-alpha levels of development so don’t expect too much, but we just hit 900 commits and I thought I’d post it here to see what people think.

The repo is here: and builds straight from master (so yeah, it goes down to rebuild every time something changes, which is often, but that’s ok for now).

Pull requests are most welcome. We also have a little bit of a budget, so if you like the general idea and also resonate with the very self-managing and decentralized contribution policy (C4 from Pieter Hintjens’ ZeroMQ project) we can probably pay you to do some ongoing stuff.