Blog post - Data flow from the database to the UI: Three layers of Meteor

Read my new blog post about using Meteor publications, subscriptions, and Minimongo!

Often I get the following question from my friends:

When I’m writing a Meteor app, where do I put my database queries? It looks like there are three places: publications, subscriptions, and template helpers. Why do I have to filter my data in three different places?

This post is an attempt at a complete and structured answer to where, when, and why you make database queries in Meteor.


Awesome post! It is a different way of thinking when comparing it to the flow of other web frameworks and applications. But, in my opinion, it’s a very good way of thinking about data flow.

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I wish I had friends who regularly asked me this question. Most of my friends just ask “What the hell is this Meteor crap you’re spamming my newsfeed with? Stop”


Exactly what I needed, thanks man!

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Best explanation of the Meteor dataflow ever, thank you!!!

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Neat intro post!

Good precursor to my surprisingly popular Understanding Meteor publications and subscriptions StackOverflow answer.


Are the fast-render and subs-manager packages still useable with this?