Boilerplate scripts


Hello everybody!

I’d like to talk about scripts you use (and move from the project to project) to complete quite common tasks you face with again and again every day. For example I and my buddies assembled /bin directory which contains bash scripts for the next purposes:

  • Generate a final settings.json file (merged from many sources) for specific environment dev/stage/prod
  • Dump/Restore mongoDB locally from a specific remote source (get a copy of the production database locally - ez!)
  • The simplest deployment procedure (with dockered mup of course!)
  • Connect to the dev/stage/prod database
  • Automatically login as a specific user within your browser on dev/stage/prod instance (authToken does the magic)
  • etc

I’m sure most of you have similar home-grown suits :slight_smile:
Did anybody try to share his solutions with the world? Are the any packages/modules/repositories for the purpose?