Boilerplate using Mantra with React-Router, Redux, and React Helmet

Hey all, just thought I’d share something new. I’ve been working on a simple Meteor boilerplate called Corona, which implements the Mantra application architecture. It also uses the following:

  • Meteor 1.3 (Beta 16)
  • React-Router
  • React-Router-Redux
  • Redux
  • React Helmet

It’s currently work in progress, but you can clone the repo and run a sample app.

Repo is here

Welcoming any feedback.


Hi, great boilerplate! Any thoughts about implementation react-router-ssr? Don’t know if this even possible with Meteor :slight_smile:

Hey, this is great.
It’s pretty cool to see you are exposing reducers inside the module.
great work.

May be you can add a reference here:

Then it’ll be easy for us to find this :slight_smile:

The current directory structure for Mantra makes SSR difficult but I believe they are working on implementing support for SSR in the near future. The react-router-ssr approach kind of violates the principles of Mantra because it requires an isomorphic / universal configuration. I may be wrong, but this is what I’ve gathered so far.

Any thoughts you could add @arunoda ?

Cool! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Why it is difficult? I didn’t work with SSR with RR yet.
SSR is a special case, where we can break the rule in Mantra where we talk about isomorphism.
But we need to assume, in the server also it’s just another client.

We can have a another file called server.js which does anything specific for SSR environment and does all the module initializations. (May be simply import client.js)

It’s probably worth keeping an eye on this issue for react-router-ssr. Although, I’m not sure if we’ll get a version while 1.3 is still in Beta.

The goal is to use React via NPM. The current package still refers to react-runtime, which we aren’t wanting to use in Meteor 1.3. We’d have multiple copies of React otherwise.

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Maybe a poor choice of words from my end. But this is cool to know! Although, RE my message above; we may have to wait until the 1.3 offical release if we want to use the existing RR-SSR package.

Love it! Thanks for sharing!