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Recently I interviewed dozens of people for a developer role and found it very informative and enriching to hear about what people have been working on and to share tips and ideas. I’m making myself available for free for five hours (one hour per person) if anyone would like to ask my advice or consult me about a problem you are having. I have experience as an entrepreneur, product manager, producer, designer, photographer and freediver! In return I may ask you about your own work.

Here’s a brief bio:
Tokyo-based producer and entrepreneur from Texas. I’ve designed and produced web applications, language products, videos, maps, product packaging, photography, and audio programs. Services and products showcased here:
White Rabbit Japan

Highlights include:

  • Provided business process consulting and software development services for the likes of Dell Computer Japan, Kodansha, Compaq Computer Corporation, ExxonMobil, and many others.
  • Founder at White Rabbit Express - pioneer of proxy-buying service in Japan
  • Produced a series of top selling Japanese language products under the imprint White Rabbit Press
  • Produced Blackship a Japan-based package forwarding service
  • Produced a series of Japanese Graded Readers for iPad
  • Produced Tokyo Realtime, a series of audio tours for Tokyo’s most interesting neighborhoods (maps, photography, script writing, audio editing, field recording, music composition) which became an Audie Award FInalist.
  • Photography credits include Page One of NY Times (twice)
  • Produced a documentary video for Playboy, USA.
  • I have years of experience managing dozens of remote workers spread all around the world.
  • Competitive freediver (personal best breath hold of 5m27s)

First come first serve! Book a Google Hangout or face-to-face meeting with me (in Tokyo) via: