Book - Rapid Learning Meteor


I have just published a book “Rapid Learning Meteor” which can be found at
It contains collection of tutorials that I was creating while learning Meteor.
I did it mainly for myself since this is how I learn but hopefully it might be useful to others also.
I will continue to update it as I continue to learn but I felt that at this stage it contained enough of core functionality to justify publication.
In current form it should be most useful for beginners.
I would like to thank everyone who helped me out on the forums with more difficult aspects of Meteor.
Feel free to post any comments or suggestions either in this thread or at


Nice! Glad to see more and more resources being put out. Just a recommendation-it would be nice to see some sort of examples in the book. Eg. what makes it different/better than discovermeteor (besides the price) or meteortips which is free? Why should someone spend the money?


Thank you very much for your interest and feedback.
Free sample uploading isn’t working so I was waiting till they resolve this.
But until they do I have added my own free sample download which can also be used from here.