Bootstrap 3 tooltip displays browser tooltip instead

I want a Bootstrap 3 tooltip on an icon. Searching here and on SO showed several ways to do so. I settled on this one:


<span class="glyphicon {{options.tooltipIcon}}"
          style='color: {{options.tooltipIconColor}}'
          title='{{options.tooltipText}}' aria-hidden="true">

and JS (in the HEAD):

<script type='text/javascript'>

This works fine except that I’m getting browser tooltips (white box with black outlines and non-html text) instead of the Bootstrap version. I have twbs:bootstrap v1.14.2 installed and other Bootstrap objects work (Progress-bars for instance). I don’t see any other bootstrap packages installed. I’ve tried loading the bootstrap .js and .css directly from the CDN, but that makes no difference. I can live with the gawd-awful looking browser tooltips for now, but hopefully someone knows what I’m doing wrong.

Just found that suggested adding:

<script src=""></script>

below bootstrap.min.js and it works. Not sure why this isn’t bundled into twbs:bootstrap, but now I know and hopefully this will help someone else. Or this topic can be deleted.